If you read veggie bites regularly then you’ll know that I am a fan of Mexican/Tex-Mex food and that I think Montezuma’s is pretty good! We started with the combination dips again (man, call us boring but they are great!) and requested extra corn chips when we ran out! Since I wasn’t overly excited by my choice of main meal last time, I spent a little more time reading the menu. And after actually eating, I have figured out how the menu works! I have been ordering things that I think are probably classified as entrées. Maybe this is not a bad thing, but it is not completely clear from the menu that these meals are smaller than the others unless you are looking at the prices! This time I ordered the picadillo (beans and almonds and sultanas) tostada – which was very yummy, but not overly big. Whereas everyone else’s meals were huge… I felt a little left out, but I think my tummy thanked me later. We also ordered sides of sour cream and guacamole – because, even though I think they are a con, no Mexican meal is the same without them! Martin claimed not to be able to fit in dessert, however then changed his mind since it took them a while to actually take our order. We all had mousse – mainly chocolate although someone was adventurous and tried the mango – I believe it was a disappointment… gotta stick with the favourites… Of course, we washed it all down with the obligatory couple of jugs of margarita’s which we all agreed are just like drinking cordial!