This was a dessert and coffee experience after seeing Cirque du Chaser with some friends. We were a little wary of doing this as last time this group of people tried to get dessert, it ended in disaster. This time however, it was much better! We ordered a variety of desserts, banana crepes, sticky date pudding, orange and poppy seed cake and a giant cookie. One of my friends is now on a wheat/gluten free diet and she was told that the chocolate mud cake was gluten free – we all doubted this, so she simply ordered peppermint tea – which came with real leaves in it (no tea bag this time!), although she did comment it was more spearmint than peppermint. The rest of us ordered hot chocolates and iced coffee. The waitress was a little enthusiastic and odd, but we all got the desserts we wanted… The sticky date pudding was pretty good, but I am not sure that the sauce on top of it was heated up enough as mine was still a little gluggy. The banana crepes looked pretty good and the sauce was nice and caramel-y, Martin wasn’t happy that I wanted to eat all of his sauce though!