Paragon Caf̩ РGoulburn, NSW

I drove to Goulburn to meet Martin to go to see Jodi Martin play at the Goulburn Club, since we missed seeing her in Canberra while we were overseas. It ended up a little later than we expected, so we were in a bit of a hurry to eat some dinner, therefore we didn’t look very hard for something exciting to eat. We have eaten here before, so we knew they had a decent variety of veggie meals on the menu (although you have to look for them), and that their service is fairly quick. Since I had snacked prior to leaving home, I ordered the Greek salad – light and quick and easy. Martin opted for the mushroom crepe which came with a sort of white/bechemel sauce all over it, and we shared a garlic bread. The food here is ok. Nothing overly exciting, though… Next time we are in Goulburn, I think we might look for something a little more exciting… oh and by the way, Jodi Martin was great, as was her special guest Karl Broadie!