Milk & Honey

A friend and I had originally planned to eat at Café Essen, However, it was raining and crowded and there was not a table to be seen, so we grabbed the first one we found in the near proximity and that happened to be at Milk & Honey! I didn’t really know what to eat, nothing on the menu really grabbed my attention in that “full-on, you know you want to eat me kind of way”! Every dish had something in it that I either didn’t like or didn’t feel like. I finally settled on the spinach fettuccine that came with spinach, tomatoes and white beans. I was kind of hoping that these would be the yellow “butter bean” variety, but they were of the kidney bean variety instead. It wasn’t a bad dish, a little bland and incredibly large – I didn’t finish it all. My friend had the calamari and I heard no complaints. I also had a banana smoothie, although, given it was a cold wet day, I soon regretted not ordering a hot chocolate instead. Oh well, that is what happens when you end up running a little late for a lunch date!