Ainslie Football Club

We don’t eat here often. But we were being good residents and attending a meeting, so we thought we would have dinner here first. The menu is mainly meat based, but there are a few veggie options and of course the salad bar. The veggie options consist of stir fry, laksa and veggie strudel. We have had all of these at some point and they are a bit hit and miss, but they have never been outstanding. We usually just go with the salad bar, which is pretty standard and has at least one veggie soup, one veggie pasta sauce and an assortment of salad stuff. This time I also wanted a plate of roast vegetables of the day, which is listed on the specials menu, but isn’t actually a dish. But they were accommodating and only charged the same price as a plate of chips. The food is ok, if you like salad bars or meaty bistro type food. Personally I would prefer to eat something a little more exciting!