Sammy’s Kitchen

I love Sammy’s – it is great Asian food really, really fast! Once when we ate here we ordered spring rolls and they were on the table within about 3 minutes – I kid you not! There are a few favourite dishes that we tend to order here all the time which are – sizzling fried bean curd with Chinese broccoli and needle mushrooms and stir fried green pepper with dry bean curd and chilli bean sauce. I love both of these dishes, although I admit that I don’t usually eat the ‘freaky’ mushrooms! We have also previously had the mixed Chinese veggies with fried bean curd but found that a little bland. A word of warning, though, if you are vegetarian and eating here – only order things from the vegetarian section of the menu – we once discovered that the vegetable curry is not actually just a vegetable curry – it came with chicken in it! Well worth checking out though – the vegetarian dishes are great!