Abell’s Kopi Tiam

Well, as you know, this is one of my favourite restaurants, so maybe I shouldn’t review it every time I eat here… Oh well, why not. Next time, I will definitely try something different so I have something new to write about… This time, Martin had his usual, and I ordered the gado gado and a shallot roti. This was exactly what I felt like at the time, however when it arrived on the table I was a little disappointed that I hadn’t ordered something else… It was still delicious… We also had dessert, I opted for the coconut pandang pancakes and Martin had the black rice pudding. I have tried the black rice pudding before (when someone else ordered it) and I am not a huge fan, although this time, it wasn’t too bad. I think it is a hit or miss dessert, so I doubt that I would ever order it for myself! The pancakes, however, are delicious, although a little scary since they are green! But they are filled with coconut and are topped with a fantastic caramel-type sauce and come with a scoop of ice cream… The other dessert worth mentioning is the banana fritters – which I had here once – they are particularly good!