We were going to Tilley’s to see Diesel (again!), so we decided to get there early to get a good seat and have dinner… I am sure that last time we ate at Tilley’s when we saw a band that they had their normal menu as well as a few specials… This time the only food they had was what was on the specials board. Nonetheless, there was still a decent range of veggie options. We started with some mixed dips with bread that everyone shared and then I had the pasta – which was freshly made filled pasta of some sort, with pumpkin, spinach, sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts. It was delicious. Martin opted for the nachos – which were bigger than normal! A couple of our meat eating friends also opted for the pasta, while another chose the chicken. All in all, everyone was happy with the food. But we still managed to fit in some dessert! I find it really hard to go past Tilley’s cheesecake – it is just so delicious! So, that is what I had, while Martin had a chocolate friand, and our friends had some carrot cake and pecan pie. None of us found anything to complain about with dessert! So, as usual the food was great. Oh, and by the way, so was Diesel!