Bal̩ РHarrington Park, NSW

This place is a rather large café in a garden centre and my parents suggested it for a late-ish lunch. We started with some garlic and olive bread which were pretty good, while we perused the menu. There were not a lot of vegetarian options on the menu. Martin opted for the veggie sambo, however I didn’t really feel like that, or the penne napolitana (since we were going out for dinner as well), so I decided on nachos. The menu stated that they came with kidney beans, jalapenos, sour cream, guacamole and eshallots. As an afterthought when ordering, I asked if they were vegetarian and the response was no, they are not, but they can make them without the meat. I would have thought that meat would have been listed on the menu, since they went to all that trouble to list the ingredients all the way down to eshallots (of which there were about half a dozen bits on top when they arrived!). My parents both went for meat dishes. Martin said his sandwich was nice, however I have to say that the nachos were rather ordinary, and I can make better guacamole any day! Probably not a bad place for the meat eaters!