Café Bamboo

Take away food – it is the best thing in the world when you are too tired to cook! Especially when they deliver it! We had recently received a menu in our letter box from this pace, and since they delivered we decided to try it. We ordered veggie spring rolls, veggie chow mein, szechuan vegetables and mapo tofu – with the intention of having leftovers for lunch! The food was pretty good. Martin spoke to them on the phone and was a little dubious that the spring rolls were actually veggie (they were not listed as such on the menu), so we broke them open before biting into them and they were safe! The mapo tofu was pretty good, although it contained peas (YUCK!). It wasn’t really as spicy as I expected and I think they used silken tofu – not my favourite type, but still it was good. The szechuan veggies were great, although again, not as spicy as I expected, and the sauce was kind of more sweet and sour than what I would expect szechuan to be. The chow mein however, was the highlight of my meal! It was great – I could eat a whole one by myself! Sadly they took quite a while to deliver it, so by the time it came we were starving! Next time, we might ring up and order it, then walk down and pick it up, as it is actually fairly close to home – as long as we are not too tired!