Wagon Wheels – Ramsgate (Sydney), NSW

This was a large extended family dinner to celebrate Father’s Day and some birthdays. There were 16 of us, but we booked in advance, so they knew we were coming. This is a pizza and pasta type joint that also did steaks and fish and various other meaty dishes. We were told not to worry because they did have some veggie options on the menu, however there were only 2 real options – not counting salad or dessert! Neither of us really felt like veggie pizza, so went with the only other option which was pasta napolitana – I got the large (which was huge) while Martin opted for the small and got pancakes as well. We also decided to share a Greek salad. Well! Our Greek salad arrived without olives or feta, which really made it a green salad with Greek dressing. My parents had also ordered a Greek salad, which also came without the bits that actually made it Greek, so we both sent them back. A few people had ordered pizza and it came out half an hour before everyone else’s meals arrived – which was approximately an hour and a half after we ordered. The pasta was ok – at least it had fresh tomatoes in it, but it certainly wasn’t great! And on top of that, other meals that had been ordered with vegetables came with chips, and vegetables were only brought out after this was pointed out… The service was incredibly average and the waitress seemed unable to remember anything about who had ordered what… We also overheard them offering another table free drinks because they had waited so long for their meals. That table of people arrived and ordered after us, however a number of their meals came out before ours. The waitress commented that it was due to having a large table in the restaurant that night… Geez – we had booked – how hard would it have been to put on a few extra staff to cope with the demand?? I personally won’t bother going back!