Rainforest Caf̩ РDowntown Disney, California, USA

Having checked out all the other places in Downtown Disney, and getting poisoned by the place we ate at last night, we were pretty sure that this was the only other place with any sort of decent veggie options. I thought there were 3 or 4 options on the menu outside, however when we finally got our table, there was really only a cheese pizza or a veggie burger… Martin and I both had the veggie burger, while our friend opted for the cheese pizza. The burgers were pretty good. They appeared to come with potato chips (from a packet) but you could substitute fries for an extra charge – which we both did. We also both got the salad. We also both ordered a strawberry and banana smoothie which was pretty good, but very sweet. Jumba Juice it was not. Anyway, overall, the meal was pretty good – one of the better options in Downtown Disney!