Mama Stella’s Pizza Kitchen – San Diego, California, USA

Mama Stella’s Pizza Kitchen is at Sea World, I wouldn’t normally review a place like this, however, you are not allowed to take outside food or drinks (including bottled water) into Sea World and this was pretty much the only place where we could get a ‘decent’ meal to eat! By the sound of it, Mama Stella’s was a place where you could get a nice-ish pizza, however, they were all pre-made and the only veggie option was cheese. They also had some salads, and when I asked if they had a pasta sauce without meat, I was able to get some pasta with a plain tomato sauce on it – I think it was the dipping sauce for the bread sticks – and I had to ask her to put an extra spoon of sauce on so that it was actually covering the pasta! I expected there to be little variety, and for it to be expensive, but it is incredibly disappointing that they tell you that you cannot bring in outside food and then offer you such a small choice. They are obviously catering to the masses and don’t care about people with specific dietary requirements.