La Salsa – San Diego, California, USA

We were on our way to a concert and had started to run out of time for dinner, so we were looking for somewhere fairly quick. La Salsa is a fast food chain-type thing, that does Mexican food. They also serve frozen tequila margaritas!! Your order also comes with corn chips and you can pick your own salsa to dip them in from the salsa bar – which has a variety of different salsa’s to choose from, ranging from mild to very hot! Well, I tried the very hot and it wasn’t really very hot… but the warnings about not putting your fingers in your eyes if you get the salsa on your fingers might still be valid! Martin went for the California burrito with black beans, while I went for the classic Quessadilla. Mine was basically a tortilla filled with cheeses and grilled, but it came with some sour cream, guacamole, lettuce and chopped tomatoes so that jazzed it up a bit. Martin said his burrito was pretty good. We both had the tequila margarita’s which were so cold that we couldn’t finish them in the small amount of time we had… This place is not bad for fast food – certainly a far better option than some of the other fast food places! And I think there is one at the international departures area of LAX – so if you are waiting for a flight and are hungry – check it out!