Nellie’s on 17th – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Breakfast! This was one of the places recommended by the Lonely Planet Guide and it was also on the Calgary map that we picked up. There are actually 4 or 5 different Nellie’s places now – I don’t know if they have the same menu’s or not though… First impressions were that this was a pretty funky little place – there were some cool paintings on the wall – one of a cow looking through a window and the furniture and mugs etc were a mishmash of different stuff, and the overall atmosphere was comfy and eclectic! The menu was varied with a good selection of veggie options. I was trying to decide between the cheese omelette or the breakfast tostada. Finally I decided that I can have an omelette any time and went with the tostada. It was huge! And it was great… it came with fruit, but I substituted that for hash browns, and when it came down to it, I had to decide between finishing the tostada or eating the hash browns… a big decision if you know me – I love potatoes! I finally decided to finish the tostada, as the hash browns were not the best that I have ever eaten… it was a good thing that this breakfast was doubling as lunch as well – I was completely full when I finished… Martin also went the ‘Mexican’ breakfast option and had the breakfast burrito which he said was really good. He also ordered the oatmeal as he usually does… Nellie’s food is great – try it if you are in Calgary!