Rose Garden Thai Restaurant – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

We were a little wary of a Thai restaurant called Rose Garden, but as we were eating the restaurant filled up and we overheard people commenting that they knew the food was good and that is why they were eating there. We ordered our food, but hadn’t been given a wine list, so had to wait quite a while to order wine. They only had house wine by the glass, but when we asked what type of wine the house white was, we were told it was a merlot, and when we enquired about the house red, we were told that was a merlot too and that both were Italian… Since we both kind of doubted that the house white was a merlot, we opted for a glass of the red each despite the fact that we would have preferred a nice chardonnay with our curry! For our entree we ordered fresh veggie spring rolls, and fairly quickly some deep fried spring rolls appeared at the table – I enquired as to whether these were the fresh ones and the waitress muttered something about the wrong table and took them away. She returned a few minutes later with the fresh variety and apologised, saying the kitchen made a mistake… Following this we had ordered a red veggie curry and a veggie pad thai. Both were delicious. The red curry was nice and flavoursome without being too hot, and the pad thai is one of the best pad thai dishes I think I have ever eaten! Given the trouble we had ordering wine and the trouble the ladies at the next table had ordering dessert, we decided to skip dessert and head back to the hotel. The food was good, and there was a good variety of veggie dishes and by the time we had finished the restaurant was half full – on a Thursday night… definitely a sign of something good!