Falafel King – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

It was mid afternoon, we were hungry, but didn’t really want a meal since dinner wasn’t going to be too far away, so when we saw the falafel king, we thought it would be ideal… it wasn’t. I managed to order my falafel ‘sandwich’ without pickles, but it did come with some horrible looking pink cabbage, which also turned out to be horrible tasting as well… how on earth does cabbage get pink? I know there is such a thing as red cabbage – but this wasn’t it! Martin had a falafel plate which he thought tasted marginally better than my roll… however, we were unimpressed with the service as well as the food. They used the same tongs for meat and falafels, and I actually saw a ‘tong full’ of chicken being moved over the top of my falafel roll… and on top of that, they also have a fresh juice bar, but couldn’t do all the varieties they had on the main menu – we had to select from the alternate menu, which had apple listed, but when Martin ordered it, he was told they couldn’t do plain apple… weird. And after all of that, they didn’t even offer Martin the change when he paid… it was less than a dollar – but that isn’t the point… my recommendation? Never eat here!