Timberwolf – Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Since the food here was pretty good, and we had so much trouble trying to find decent veggie food in Jasper, we headed back to Lake Louise to spend the night because we knew we could eat here… We didn’t really try anything too different to last time – because we knew it was good. Again we had the cheesy garlic bread – which wasn’t quite as good as last time… but since our mains were also a little different, we put it down to being a different chef that night! We also ordered a Greek salad, which was ok but, as I have discovered previously, North American olives have no taste. There was a time when this would have made me happy and I would have eaten all the olives because they had no taste – however, now that I actually like olives, I really, really want them to have that strong olivey taste… I am going to give up ordering things with olives in them – it is just too disappointing… Martin went for the penne with Italian tomato sauce and roasted veggies, while I ordered the linguini with rose sauce and roasted veggies. Both dishes were delicious, although the ‘roasted’ veggies were not really roasted! We washed all this down with a couple of glasses of red wine – not the overly expensive Australian wine that was on the menu though! We decided to skip dessert, but couldn’t go past the hot chocolates – Martin went for the hot chocolate supreme which contained amaretto, while I had the Caribbean hot chocolate which contained Malibu… Mmmmm, I have discovered a new use for alcohol – putting it in hot chocolate… thank goodness there will be a little bit of winter left when we get home for me to experiment with this idea!