Cantonese Restaurant – Jasper, Alberta, Canada

We looked at a lot of places for some decent veggie options before we found this place. It was a little scary – I haven’t been in a Chinese restaurant like this for many, many years! We ordered veggie spring rolls for our entree which were pretty good, they came with a very unusual sauce – which looked like it could have been mango, but didn’t taste like it. For our mains we ordered Mapo tofu (without the pork), vegetable chow mein and the waiter talked us into a dish called Laho vegetables. The Mapo tofu was pretty good – nice and spicy but contained peas! The chow mein was good, not the best I have ever had, but certainly not awful. The Laho vegetables dish was horrible. It had unidentifiable bits in it, which Martin thought was egg and mushrooms, however, that wasn’t the only thing that put me off – the flavour was pretty awful too. The waiter told us that it is a dish that you like more the more you eat it, which makes me wonder why he would recommend it to people the very first time they ate there… Oh well, possibly not the best food, but certainly the best veggie option, especially if you didn’t want pizza or a veggie burger!