Amajit’s – Campbelltown, NSW

My parents claimed that this was really good Indian food and that they had been meaning to take us there for some time. I admit that I was a little dubious about the really good food claim, but they were right – oh boy, they were right! In fact they were so right, we got home delivery from here again a few nights later when visiting some friends. We started off with the complimentary pappadums that came with an amazing yoghurt sauce, luckily my Dad knows the owner’s father who came to chat with us and also got us a second serve of the pappadums! The yoghurt sauce was so good that we asked for the recipe and were told the basic ingredients, but not the quantities as that was the secret! Oh well, I’ll just have to try and make it up! We skipped entrees when we ate in, but tried the samosa’s when we got delivery, they were ok, I could do without them and just eat the mains! For our mains we had Malai Kofta, Palak Paneer, Dahl and Navratan Korma, my parents also ordered a chicken dish. Rice comes with the mains, and we also went for the cucumber yoghurt and a variety of plain, garlic and cheese naans. When we ordered delivery, we opted to chose a potato curry as well as Malai Kofta and Dahl. The food was fantastic, subtly spiced yet absolutely full of flavour. Sadly however, the Malai Kofta and the Navratan Korma both came with peas in them and of course I had to pick them out. The Malai Kofta were quite big and come as a serve of 2, although they are definitely big enough to share between 4, and there was plenty of sauce. In fact I spent the last bit of the meal dipping my naan into the left over sauce until it was all gone! There was literally nothing left in the bowls or on our plates at the end of the meal and when they were cleared the owner joked that he wouldn’t have to wash them! We were offered dessert, however, there was no possible way that we could have fitted it in, even though Martin was eye-ing the Gulab Jamun before we had even considered mains! I am sad that this place is not closer to home… although, it is probably a good thing as we would end up eating there far too often!