Vaby’s Bar and Grill – Beverly Hills, NSW

This was a lunch experince and it was ok – we all managed to eat three courses, so it couldn’t have been too horrible! There are really only 2 vegetarian dishes on the menu plus one on the specials list – I guess that is quite advanced for a bar and grill! However, they were also happy to adapt other things on the menu. We started with some garlic bread which is the flat pizza type – not my favourite type, but it was better than some others I have had. For mains, I ordered the primevera risotto for Martin, which he said was nice but a little oily. I ordered the fajita’s which originally came with chicken and steak, however they were happy to adapt it and it came with a mushroom, onion and capsicm mix instead. When the waiter delivered it, he commented that he wasn’t sure if I wanted cheese or not, so they had put it in a separate little bowl, however the sour cream was in the same bowl as the salsa and the guacamole – so they really only get half points for trying! We finished with some cheesecake (me) and a banana split (Martin). All in all, it was pretty good, but I certainly wouldn’t eat there all the time!