I have said before that I love going to Tilley’s – the food is good, the atmosphere is good, the cheesecake is divine! It was a last minute decision to go here for lunch with a friend, but I am glad that we did! It is great to sit around and chat over some good food and some good cake! This time I had veggie nachos and my friend had soup (pumpkin I think). The nachos are huge – but I was determined to finish as much as I could because they are so nice! After this, my friend was keen on dessert and it didn’t matter how good the cheesecake was going to be, there was just no way I could fit it in, so I decided to just have a hot chocolate. That was of course until my friend returned with a flourless chocolate cake and 2 spoons! It was pretty good, but it was slightly too nutty for my taste… and I would definitely prefer their cheesecake (mmm in fact I want some right now just thinking about it!). The hot chocolates were great though! All in all, a good lunch with a great friend!