Abell’s Kopi Tiam

This was a large-ish group dinner, and since we were in a group, I didn’t really expect to be overly impressed by the service, however I have to say the service, like the food, was exceptional! We all decided to just order our own meals, instead of sharing and it must have been slightly chaotic for the waitress taking the order, however she was patient, well informed and happy! Martin and I decided to share our entrees with each other, so we had the vegan satay sticks (our usual) and the veggie spring rolls. Both were great – I might have a hard time deciding which to order in the future! For mains, Martin stuck to his old favourite, vegan mee goreng, and I decided to have the gado gado and the spring onion roti which were so very good. There was an interesting variety of dishes (mainly meat ones) ordered by the group and I certainly didn’t hear any complaints about the food (or anything else for that matter!). Most of us finished with a hot chocolate, which I don’t think I have had from here before, but believe me, I will again in the future – it was as good as the rest of the meal! So, all in all a great experience in a great restaurant – you know we’ll be going back!