Well, I think this will be my last review of Bernadette’s – which is sad really. As I have previously said, Bernadette’s used to be our favourite restaurant and we ate there so often before it changed hands that we were at ‘regulars’ status, and got a few special treats – like being allowed to order and take home desserts that you couldn’t usually get take away! Anyway, the experiences have been mixed since the new owners took over, and last time I was pretty impressed with the new menu and the pizza that I ordered. So impressed in fact, that I decided to order it again. However, the whole experience this time was very, very poor – food, service, everything! To start with, they were busy – really busy for a late Saturday lunch, and there were only 3 staff working and that included 2 chefs. So, it took a long time to get menus, then a long time to order and then a long time for our drinks, we had to ask for water after we were told it was coming and it took a really long time for our food! We ordered a mixed bread basket, a tandoori pizza and Caribbean tofu strips. I ask you – how hard can it be to stick some bread in the oven and get it out to people so they are not sitting there starving while waiting for the rest of their food?? Instead we sat and waited while the chefs were intent on getting out the main meals to the table of 9 sitting behind us. Which is fair – they were there first, but our bread arrived after our other meals were brought out! I think the total waiting time for our food was about 30-45 minutes, and when it arrived it was pretty disappointing… The Caribbean tofu was about 6 small strips of tofu on some rocket with a largish dollop of humous, my tandoori pizza was simply tofu, a pappadum and the fruit chutney – it was missing the cucumber, tomato and coriander salsa and the yoghurt listed on the menu, and which made it really tasty the last time I ate it. We considered complaining, but decided it wasn’t worth it. We also considered ignoring the bread, but Martin decided that he would actually need it to fill him up, so we asked where it was and we were told it was coming… it finally arrived and I have to say it was the highlight of the meal! I only ate half my pizza and donated the other half to Martin to stop him from starving to death and had a few pieces of bread instead. I doubt that we were the only ones who were disappointed with eating there – there was another couple who arrived after us who had to ask for menus and then wave down the waitress so that they could order… amazingly (since they ordered after us) their meals arrived before ours! To top it all off, there was a man sitting to our left who was there when we arrived, he was working very hard with quite a few piles of papers – his meal arrived just before we left, and it certainly didn’t look like anything off the menu – and we didn’t see him order it. In fact (and I could very well be mistaken since I couldn’t see properly) it looked like a big chunk of meat with mushrooms on top. As I said – I could be mistaken… however, given my disappointment with this experience, I don’t think I’ll take the chance!