Three Mothers Thai

This was a take away experience, and it was every bit as good as the experience we had when we ate in a couple of weeks ago! We skipped an entree this time and ordered 3 main dishes instead, a red veggie curry, tofu with basil and chilli and a vegetarian pad thai (which was not on the menu, but they were happy to make it up for us). The food was great! I think the tofu with basil and chilli was one of the best versions if this I have ever eaten! I commented to Martin that I could eat a whole serve of that by myself! The red curry was also good, not too hot and full of veggies. The veggie pad thai was also good, not too many extra veggies (as I have commented before that I am not a fan of that), but sadly they were a little heavy handed on the bean sprouts and the sauce was the smallest bit bland… It would be nice if they had a couple of vegetarian noodle dishes on the menu, instead of having to ask them to adapt a meat based one, but the food is great and we will definitely go back!!