Montezuma’s is always a good place to go for a few margaritas and dinner before heading to a show at the Canberra Theatre or the Playhouse – which is what we were doing on this night! When we arrived we were informed that they have a new menu with 31 mains to choose from. This is all very good, however, I think that maybe that amount of choice is a little too extensive! Thank goodness I don’t eat meat, or I might still be sitting there trying to decide what to have! On top of that, the font used for the menu makes it very hard to scan the dishes and what is in them, so you have to read everything in depth to figure out if it is a possibility or not! We started with the dip combination, which we ordered and ate while we were still trying to decide on mains. The dips were good as always, however extra corn chips would not have gone astray, especially since we ended up with quite a few small broken bits on the plate which you were lucky to be able to pick up, let alone dip in something… We finally decided on our mains and they arrived fairly quickly… I had the vegetarian Montezuma’s Delight, while Martin had the ‘San Diego’ – two different types of vegetarian enchiladas. Our friends ordered meat based burritos and enchiladas I think. We were told at the beginning of the meal that sour cream, guacamole etc does not come with any of the main meals unless specified, so we also ordered a side order of guacamole. I have to say, I think this is a con – especially since most of the sides were a minimum of about $4 each – it seems to be purely a money making exercise! Anyway, I was surprised when our mains arrived, I expected mine to be bigger, however, as I was eating I realised that there was no way I could have eaten it if it was! The menu said it came with salad – which turned out to be mainly raw brocoli, cauliflower and red cabbage chopped up finely. It was nice, but probably not something I would order again (which would mean that I would have to spend more time reading the menu!!). Martin said his was a bit on the oily side, and I have to say I would agree with him… We finished with some desserts – chocolate mousse (not very Mexican I know!), Mexican date cake (which looked delicious!) and Mexican flan (which wasn’t really Mexican and looked like it was one of those creme caramels that you can buy from the supermarket slopped messily onto a plate (with a big chunk that had fallen out) with some nuts and honey or something drizzled over the top). We also had a couple of jugs of lemon margaritas – what can I say – these are always good!