We used to get take away from here quite a lot many years ago, and I can’t remember why we stopped… maybe it was around the time that we stopped getting take away from anywhere! Anyway, we decided to eat here because it was close to a friend’s work and we were after a quick dinner before heading to the AIS Darters netball game. I was a bit surprised when we arrived as it is very small inside. I was also surprised that the menu was fairly small, but then, for such a small restaurant, it would probably be silly for them to have an incredibly large menu! There were five of us for dinner, so we ordered samosas for our entree – they come as a serve of two and when we ordered three serves, we were asked if we would prefer to only have five instead of six, which was a very sensible idea! While our friends ordered mainly meat dishes, Martin and I ordered Bombay Potatoes and a veggie kofta (veggie balls in a yummy sauce), both of which were fantastic! The veggie kofta was a bit surprising – I think I expected something curry-like – more like a veggie korma, but the kofta were well made, sweet and held together beautifully and the sauce was delicious! There was also a dahl on the table, and we shared some raita and all had a garlic naan and it was all great and reasonably priced… I am sad that we forgot that this place existed, and I think we will go back in the future!