Musica é

Well, I didn’t really eat here, but I did have a hot chocolate and the people I was with ate (well some of them did!), so that is my justification… This review won’t focus so much on the food, rather I have a few comments about the whole experience! We ended up here for cake and coffee after an exciting night at the AIS Darters netball game. There were 10 of us so we rang ahead to check they had the aforementioned cake and coffee and to book a table. The point here is that they knew we were coming! After we ordered, the various coffees, teas and hot chocolates started to arrive. To everyone’s surprise, a peppermint tea arrived as a cup of boiling water with the teabag on the side. To be fair, I can see the point of this – the drinker may like their tea at a certain strength, however, it seemed more than a little odd that this basically presented beverage was charged at the same price as some of the more fancy coffees that were ordered. Between the 10 of us, 5 desserts were ordered, 4 serves of the chocolate hazelnut torte (which I am told was delicious, although more like a mousse than a torte) and a panna cotta pistachio (which I tried and found it to be too sweet with a weird aftertaste). The panna cotta and 2 of the tortes arrived fairly quickly after the drinks, however, those desserts had been finished for a while before one of the people still waiting for his dessert decided to get up and mention it to the waiter. Once he did this, we realised we were actually missing 2 serves and updated the waiter. Finally one more torte arrived, and after yet more waiting, it was decided to cancel the final dessert. While we were keen not to hang around for too long, our decision to leave was brought forward by the fact that one of the staff (the owner?) had donned a head set microphone, set up the dodgy karaoke background music and announced that he was going to sing because “that is what they did”. We finally managed to request the bill, and each put in the exact money due to the rather loud comment of “I don’t want them to have a tip” which I think really just voiced something the rest of us were all thinking. I don’t mind waiting for my food – however, to wait for that amount of time (and who knows how much longer had the final dessert not been cancelled) and to have to ‘remind’ them that food is missing is unacceptable. And on top of that, we did not receive any form of apology for having to wait for so long, and as I mentioned above, they knew we were coming, so I would have thought that they could have been more prepared – what would they have done if all 10 of us had ordered the torte? I think we might have still been sitting there waiting!

Extra comments, courtesy of Lucy:

“This place just went downhill from the beginning. I was unimpressed with the peppermint tea, which arrived as an unopened tea bag with a cup of hot water. The service was shocking, the wait staff had no clue and, after a progression of delayed dishes, the manager bursting into song seemed appropriate as it was the Italian version of “Time to Say Goodbye”. Which we were very pleased to do, and never return again.”