Three Mothers Thai

We have been going to try this place a few times, but I have always held back because I thought it was run by the same people who run Two Sisters. However, Martin told me that he thinks they are run by different people, so we decided to try it before we saw Tap Dogs. And I am so glad we did – the food was great. I can’t wait to go back and try some more dishes from their enormous vegetarian selection… This restaurant might just be my new favourite Thai place! The only disappointment is that there is only one vegetarian entrée on the menu – Tawhu Tord (deep fried tofu with satay sauce). It was pretty good, but I do like Thai veggie spring rolls and curry puffs. There are almost 30 vegetarian main meals on the menu, so we had a bit of trouble deciding what the second dish would be. Of course the first choice was always going to be Gaeng Mussamum Mun (Mussamun potato curry) which was really good and very tasty. I am keen to try a different curry next time – maybe a red or green – because no matter how good a veggie mussamun curry is, it always reminds me a bit of the meat version! While there is a lot of fairly standard veggie dishes on the menu, we decided to try something that is probably not authentically Thai – Paad Ped Ka Chai Tawhu (spicy fried beancurd with beans, zucchini, capsicum, basil and ka chai). And it tasted really, really good. The other thing that impressed us was the presentation of the food. The minute it hit the table, it looked so good on the plates that my mouth started watering! We considered dessert, but the only thing they had was ‘Iced shape’ (pineapples, water chestnuts, black jelly and palm seeds in syrup and crushed ice) – sticky rice was off the menu because mangoes are not in season. What I really wanted though was bananas in coconut milk – sadly not even on the menu… If only they could expand the entrée and dessert sections to be as varied as the vegetarian main meals, then I would be very happy indeed! The other thing I wanted to comment on was the service – the food was obviously cooked freshly and quickly and it was on our table within minutes… Also there was only one waitress and the restaurant was more than half full, and she did an excellent job of seating people, taking orders, bringing food out, clearing tables and accepting bill payments… We’ll definitely be going back!