Café in the House

This place used to be called Backbenchers, but has changed its name to Cafe in the House (Yo, yo!). It still seems to serve the same food and has some rather entertaining wait staff! When we arrived, it was dubious as to whether we would eat here as it took the waiter quite a while before he decided that there actually was a spare table! We ordered gourmet sandwiches and wedges. At this point I should say there are not a lot of vegetarian options on the menu, there was the soup of the day which sounded a bit odd (cream of mushroom with some cannelini beans), quiche (boring!), something else with mushrooms and goats cheese pesto (although this might have actually listed proscuttio on the menu) or a sandwich. The sandwich filling was suppposed to be roasted capsicums, artichokes, babaganoush and roasted pinenuts. Not being a fan of artichoke, I asked if they could substitute that with cheese and tomato. I ended up with a cheese, tomato and roasted capsicum sandwich – I have no idea what happened to the babaganoush and roasted pinenuts… oh well… To be honest, given there is little variety and their inability to make a simple substitution (I wonder what would have happened if I had ordered a dish without the meat!) I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat here again… but if you are at Old Parliament House and are hungry, then it would be worth a visit. Oh, and I almost forgot… we had to ask what something was that was listed on the menu – and the answer was quite surprising! So, if you know what cornichons are (without looking on google!) or if you have a highly amusing answer, then email Lucy!