Flavours of India

This was a takeaway experience with some friends, and I am glad that we decided to try this place from the large number of takeaway menus we had to choose from. I have heard that it is supposed to be good, and this takeaway confirmed those rumours! We started with veggie samosa’s (yes, with peas – I picked them out, much to my friends amusement!), followed by a Palak Paneer and a dahl and for my carnivore friends, Tandori chicken, with garlic naans, raita and mango chutney. The Palak Paneer was spicy and creamy and tasted great. The dahl was one of two on the menu – I think we ended up ordering the one with 5 different varieties of lentils in it, and I couldn’t be bothered trying to see if there actually was five different types of lentils in it, but it tasted really good. I would really like to go back and try a few of the other veggie dishes – it is on the list for a return visit!