Ainslie Vietnamese Kitchen

This is the second time that we have had home delivery from here – I think this place only does takeaway and home delivery, they are a tiny little ‘shop’ in Ainslie shops and there is no room for tables! There are not many really good, traditional Vietnamese restaurants in Canberra, not that I have seen anyway! I wouldn’t call this one traditional, but the food isn’t bad. In fact, while eating I called it average, but Martin informed me that it was a bit better than average! The spring rolls are weird, most of the filling is mushed up, but then they also contain whole peas – explain that to me!! I don’t think we would bother with spring rolls again in the future. The veggies with bean curd and lemon grass was the highlight of the meal – when I opened the container, it looked like sweet chilli sauce had been poured on the top at the last minute, but the flavour of lemon grass was strong and sweet – just the way I like it. The sate veggies were ok, I think I prefer Thai style satay to the Vietnamese style. And finally the rice noodles were a bit bland, but certainly edible. I would like to re-try a few more of the other Vietnamese restaurants around Canberra to see if there is much difference.