Two Sisters

We normally only get food from here when we simply cannot be bothered to go out and pick something up. However, we discovered last night that they no longer home deliver. We ordered from them anyway because going out to get it was less work than deciding where else to order from. In the past their food has been extremely inconsistent – one of their curries was once so hot that Martin simply couldn’t eat it, other times they have been particularly mild. Last night was no exception. The red curry was quite spicy and hot and also quite oily, the Pad Thai was average, when in the past it has been quite good. The tofu and veggies with cashew nuts were pretty good as were the spring rolls (although Martin thought they had a funny flavour). Since they no longer home deliver, I doubt that we will be ordering from them in the future… However, this food did help me to decide that we now must go on a quest to find the best and reasonably priced Thai food in Canberra… Watch this space for the results!