Thai Ruby – Griffith, NSW

Having been away from home for just over a week and eating a whole lot of “modern Australian” type food, I was absolutely craving some Thai food and luckily just down the road from where we ended up staying in Griffith was a Thai restaurant (although it did have a pizza place in the same restaurant). Since we were exhausted we decided to get take away and eat in our hotel room, which meant that we needed plastic cutlery and some form of plates. Luckily the restaurant was quite obliging and gave us an empty container and some plastic forks and spoons. Martin was left to order by himself and opted for curry puffs (yes, they had peas!), a veggie pad thai and a veggie stir fry – in which he asked them to add chilli as it didn’t seem to be listed in the sauce. The food was pretty good. The stir fry was very saucy, so it was kind of a cross between a stir fry and a curry (which is what I actually felt like, but Martin said they didn’t really have any on the menu) and the pad thai was one of the better ones that I have eaten. I can’t really comment on the rest of the menu since I didn’t see it, but they seem to be happy to oblige by adding or removing things from dishes. The blurb in the Griffith tourist book mentions a karaoke machine that anyone can use any time – if you are not into karaoke, you might like to check it out and decide whether to eat in or get take away when you get there!