1918 – Tanunda (Barossa Valley), SA

Hmmm, I am not really sure what to say about this place. They pretty much only had one vegetarian entree on the menu, but we were able to adapt a pasta dish (omitting the ham), and ordered the entree as a main and therefore we were able to eat a decent meal. The pasta came with a shallot, tomato and (a minuscule amount of) chilli and I really can’t see why it even would have needed ham, but each to their own! Martin had the mushroom stack which came with a garlic aoli and balsamic vinegar sauce, as well as piled high with deep fried sprouts. We also decided to share a salad and some steamed veggies. The food was ok. The steamed veggies were the highlight, but that could have been because we were just craving plain old veggies at this point! But I don’t think it was really worth the money. I wouldn’t bother going back.