Jolly Jumbuck Bistro – Hay, NSW

Well, there are only three restaurants (including this one) in Hay that we could see on the main street. Two of them were closed until mid March and the supermarkets close at 5:30pm sharp! So, that left us with the choice of a counter meal in a pub (not usually a good idea veggie wise), pizza from the local fish and chip shop or the Jolly Jumbuck Bistro – where the only veggie thing actually on the menu was “Vegetarian pasta” and garlic bread. Well, we skipped the garlic bread and Martin opted for the “vegetarian pasta”, while I was a bit more adventurous (after checking what was actually in the other pastas) and ordered the Fettuccine alla Romano without the bacon – which they were happy to do. And the food was pretty good! The servings were large and came with veggies or salad – we both went for salad for which my only complaint would be that the olives were horrible and sadly for Martin they were in his pasta sauce as well as his salad! Having seen the menus for the other places – one had a veggie pizza and the other standard Chinese food – veggies in oyster, blackbean or sweet and sour sauce – I would definitely recommend eating here if you are in Hay. If you are vegetarian, I certainly wouldn’t recommend staying more then one night – as your dinner choices would be severely limited!