Thai Chiang Rai

This was a take away experience – there has been some debate as to whether take away experiences should appear in these reviews, but I am of the opinion that if it is a restaurant, then I should probably comment! This is about food dammit not about service or how pretty the restaurant is… So – food… We have eaten in and got take away from Thai Chiang Rai a number of times and the food is good. It is not the cheapest Thai food in town, but you do get a decent amount of food for your money, even for take away (unlike some other places!). We had the veggie curry puffs (nice but had peas!), followed by a red veggie curry, tofu with dried chilli and cashews and veggies with peanut sauce. Their curries are always good, the sauce is spicy and the veggies are not mushy and overcooked. The tofu with dried chilli and cashews was also a winner – it is one of their dishes we haven’t tried before, but I think we will be ordering it again in the future! The veggies and peanut sauce was a little disappointing… the peanut sauce could have been a lot more peanut-y! I have to say, that I think I can make a better peanut/satay sauce than this one… not to worry though, there are plenty of other veggie dishes on the menu to eat, including a rarely seen in Thai restaurants, vegetarian fried rice – which is something we have ordered in the past and is very yummy!