Breakfast again! A friend and I have instigated a fortnightly breakfast ritual, as we can never seem to find the time to catch up for lunch (and sadly we don’t seem to be able to stick to the fortnightly routine all the time either)! So far we have been to the same place (Milk & Honey), but today we decided to try something different. Unfortunately the place we were going to go to is closed on Mondays, so we ended up at Gus’s. Gus’s food is pretty good, no matter when you go and I love eating here – there is a good variety of veggie breakfast dishes even before you look at removing meat from the meaty ones! Today I had the Spanish Omelette without the sausage, my friend wanted the toasted cereal, but they had run out, so she opted for raisin toast instead. The omelette was filled with potato, capsicum and a touch of chilli and came with two giant pieces of toast, so all in all it was a very filling and delicious breakfast!