Hudson’s in the Garden

Well, it was a cold, wet dreary day, not the type of day that was expected when this lunch at the cafe in the Botanic Gardens was planned! The cafe was crowded and noisy despite the fact we were sitting outside… The food was ok, there is a pretty good variety from a vegetarian perspective, but the food itself was not spectacular. I had the vegetarian samosa which comes served with salad and fruit chutney. The samosa itself is pretty big and there was a very high percentage of peas – which for me is a bad thing, so I spent the whole meal picking the peas out – which I don’t mind so much… The fruit chutney was quite nice, although I had certainly had enough of it by the end of the meal. The salad was a little uninspired – a stack of lettuce, 2 pieces of tomato, 3 cocktail onions and 2 olives on a mound of beetroot dip – again not my favourite thing! Overall it was a little disappointing, Hudson’s food is usually quite good – but then again, it may have been my mood, and the general dreariness of the day. I have certainly had better cafe meals, but if you are going to the Botanic Gardens anyway, then this is probably better than bringing your own picnic!