This was a large organised function, so it is hard to comment on the menu as such, but the food we had was really, really good. Originally there was not much of an option for vegetarians, but a few extra things were added on request. We started with the usual dips and bread, followed by fried eggplant things, mushrooms and zucchini balls. The remainder were meaty but we got a veggie substitute – filo sticks filled with goats cheese. For our main there was more eggplant with a mix of onion, capsicum and roasted tomatoes on top. Not being a fan of eggplant all the time, I found this to be a bit too much eggplant and ate the topping with some rice and salad… Sadly we had to leave before dessert, but we ate more than enough food… We have been here once or twice before (when they were in Manuka) and have found it a bit difficult to eat, so it might be interesting to go back and see what veggie options (if any) are on the standard menu.