Yet again, this is a place that I have never ventured into before due to a lack of vegetarian options on the menu. However, strolling through Civic with a friend, looking for somewhere to have lunch, she commented that the pizzas were pretty good and she used to eat there regularly. So, after checking the menu, we decided to go in. We both had pizza. I suddenly discovered that my friend was a closet meat fiend as she ordered the pizza with the most meat on it and added pepperoni! There were a couple of vegetarian options, I stuck to the plain old vegetarian but added pineapple and chilli, however, there were a number that you could convert to vegetarian by asking for the meat to be left off. The pizza was pretty good – thin’ish and crispy base and not too much cheese and not too greasy. One complaint I would make was that there were a lot of mushrooms on my veggie pizza (fine if you like mushrooms as I do) but they were tinned mushrooms, not fresh ones. This struck me as odd, since they added fresh chillis!