Flavours of India – Civic

We had dinner here with friends before a concert. It was quite a bizarre experience because we bumped into the guy who used to own our favourite Thai restaurant before it suddenly became an African restaurant! He is now managing this restaurant and he remembered us! It struck us as a bit weird that a Thai person would be managing an Indian restaurant, but hey, I guess it doesn’t really matter if they do a good job! The food was pretty good, the entrées were great – aloo tiki and spinach fritters and potato salad (can’t remember the Indian name!). We then went mainly veggie for mains, malai kofta, vegetable jalfrezi and a dahl, along with a butter chicken. Of course, we also had breads and a mixed raita. It was all pretty tasty, although I have to say I was a little disappointed with the vegetable jalfrezi, but the malai kofta were pretty good. The raita had a very interesting flavour that none of us could place – I was a little concerned that the yoghurt may have been off, but then, none of us got sick. It is certainly not the cheapest Indian food around, but it is pretty good, so I think we will go back!