This is one of our standard favourites for pizza – they are close to home, quick and the pizzas are good without being greasy or smothered in cheese. On this occasion a group of us got takeaway, so we ended up ordering 5 or 6 vegetarian pizzas. Martin and I usually order the same thing all the time (vegetarian and mushroom with chilli) so it was good to try a couple that we don’t normally eat. And they were good. There was one which pretty much just had tomato and garlic on it, and it was really good, as was the Del Mondo which had feta, fresh tomatoes and fantastic olives. I think next time we are getting our pizza from here, we might try something different! They also do pasta and have a good variety of veggie ones to choose from – the pastas also taste good! They have 2 locations in Canberra, we usually head to the Dickson one as it is closest to home, but once we went to the Belconnen restaurant where we were really disappointed with the service, particularly because we mentioned we were in a hurry to be somewhere else and we were told it wouldn’t be a problem, however the pastas we ordered took twice as long as the pizza. This meant 2 things, one of us had to eat before the others had even got their meals and we were actually late for the netball game we were going to watch. Anyway, check out http://www.zeffirelli.com.au/.