Milk & Honey

I have eaten here many times – usually for breakfast, so was pretty keen to try it for lunch, and I have to say that the lunch is pretty good. They still have the fresh varieties of juice, but the lunch menu is completely different to the breakfast menu. And there is a pretty good vegetarian choice. I had a mini foccacia type thing (can’t remember its exact name) filled with roast pumpkin, almonds and pesto I think, and it was yummy, it came with a huge amount of salad! My friend had a chicken version and said hers was pretty good too. While we were deciding on what to eat, the dessert menu caught our eye, although we both had our eye on different things. So since we sat and chatted for ages after we finished eating we decided that we could actually fit in the desserts that had commanded our attention earlier. Mine was a Bailey’s cheesecake and my friend went for a white chocolate praline something. Sadly neither of us finished them – not because we were so full, but because they sounded better than they actually tasted. So, while I would recommend eating here, I would also qualify it with the phrase ‘don’t bother with dessert, no matter how good they sound!’.