This was a large group dinner, so food was banquet style. I am sure that Martin and I have looked at the menu here before and decided that there was not enough choice for us veggies… However, they seemed to be very accommodating and offered to do vegetarian paella. Not sure whether this was because the woman in charge knew the person who was organising it from our end, or because they were just very helpful! Anyway, we ended up with a pretty good variety of food. A friend commented that the potatoes are to die for and she was right! We also had some fabulous mushrooms and something else that I can’t remember. Of course, to top it all off was the vegetarian paella – which was pretty good… so good in fact that some people who couldn’t stand the sight of seafood in the paella munched into our veggie version! I think I would go back for the potatoes alone, but also to see how accommodating they are on a standard dinner outing. I’ll keep you posted!