I love going to Tilley’s for a meal – they have a great veggie selection on the menu and usually a few different specials options as well. Plus it is another great place to enjoy a drink! The food is always good and the servings are large (this time though, my pasta was enormous!!). The group I was with all ate veggie, although 2 are usually meat eaters, the pumpkin and tofu curry was a popular choice and I hear it tasted good as well. I had the pasta and Martin had the veggie foccacia, we also shared some mixed breads (garlic, pesto and olive) which were also very yummy. Tilley’s also has a fabulous selection of desserts and it is awfully hard to go past their cheesecake! So, I decided to not eat some of my pasta in order to fit in the cheesecake… it was well worth it – delicious as always (however, not particularly cheap – but definitely worth the money!)! Now, I just have to try and get up early enough to try a Tilley’s breakfast one day!