Thai Cornar

Dropped in here for yet another quick meal after a movie, and this time, it was literally QUICK! We were in and out within 35-40 minutes… but the food was pretty good, and there is a good selection of veggie options… Curry puffs for our entrée were great because there were NO peas, so I didn’t have to sift through the hot filling and pull them out. We had a veggie massaman curry and a tofu stir fry for the main. The curry was a bit odd as it had a variety of beans (kidney beans etc) in it, as well as pumpkin and nowhere near as much potato as I would have liked (but I am a potato head!). The stir fry was good, but had large chunks of tofu which were hard to eat and the flavours were just a little subtle for my tastes… I am sure chilli was mentioned in the description, and I think I saw some, but couldn’t really taste it… However the food was pretty good, it is just sad (for them) that they are right next door to Kopi Tiam which, unless I was particularly in the mood for Thai food, I would rather go to.