We ran in here for a quick meal after catching a movie on a Monday evening, and Martin (for once) actually said he felt like eating pizza! And I have to say, that these are some of the best pizzas I have eaten in a long time! There are other things on the menu – a few veggie choices, but they have a deal which includes pizza, salad or chips, and a glass of wine or a beer for roughly $25. So, we did that… I asked for a hombre pizza which comes with meat, but without the meat and they were happy to oblige, Martin went for the pumpkin and potato pizza. The hombre pizza was fantastic – Mexican style toppings with sour cream and guacamole on top, and the potato and pumpkin pizza was great too! The pizza bases were thin and crispy and not sloppy at all considering the amounts of toppings that were on them! Just the way I like them – I really hate the very thick, greasy bases! As I said above, some of the best pizza I have eaten for a while – we’ll definitely go back!