Abell’s Kopi Tiam

Martin loves this place – he said that he thinks it is his favourite restaurant – although in some ways I can’t see how, he always orders the same dish, so where is the variety?? Anyway, I think it is one of my favourite restaurants as well, the food is always great and there is a great range of vegetarian options… they even identify the vegan ones on the menu! We can never go past the vegan satays for an entrée – veggies and tofu on skewers with a great peanut satay sauce… yum – I am always sad though that there are only 2 skewers in a serve – I could happily eat more than 1! There is a huge variety of veggie mains, Martins favourite being the veggie mee goreng. I usually vary what I eat depending on my mood between the nasi goreng, stir fried noodles, laksa or sometimes the gado gado and a shallot roti – all are great! My only dislike of this restaurant is that their orange juice is yucky, and I always forget and order it anyway!