Café Essen

Ahhh, breakfast! I love going out for breakfast/brunch – I would do it every weekend if I could! There are 2 other cafés very close to Café Essen – Milk & Honey and Gus’s – both of which we have been to as well. For breakfast, a vegetarian can pretty much eat anywhere, as long as they eat eggs and dairy products, so it really comes down to preference for types of dishes that are served. The food at Café Essen is pretty good – this time I had the Mediterranean Omelette which was quite nice but is one of the only dishes that isn’t poached or scrambled eggs smothered in hollandaise. Don’t get me wrong, a good hollandaise is great for breakfast, but sometimes you want something different! I also had a hot chocolate and to be honest, I have had much better… I think that if you can’t get into the other 2 cafés for breakfast, then Café Essen isn’t a horrible choice, but certainly isn’t top of my list!